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Subject: FASCINATINGIt was nice outside. Grady wanted to leave the room he shared with a
roommate and wander around.No classes on Monday so the campus had emptied.He had two papers to write, one delayed and one due on Tuesday. There was
no escape.The hallway was empty. There weren't any sounds of loud stereos or TVs.
Nobody was yelling or laughing. The showers were silent.Grady was alone.He started the day walking totally naked down the hallway enjoying the
privacy yet daring of being naked. After the shower, Grady wandered back to
his room and signed on one of the websites he dared not sign on when his
roommate was around. He watched more and more stroking till his showered
clean body was splattered.He had a paper to write, no two.The hours passed while he slept and showered again. Showing great self
control he used the Internet for research, writing down facts, figures and
dates. He had a handle on the structure of the newest essay due.Stretching he looked at himself in the full length mirror. He was smooth,
newly turned 21 though that really didn't matter in the college town
nearby.His balls hung low as did his cock which always felt like it was filling
with blood to return it to the usual hard curved status.His butt was curved, not ample enough to be a bubble butt but not flat
either. His summers of swimming and occasional exercise in the pool on
campus had paid off. Someday he knew someone would enjoy his body as much
as he hoped they would.His roommate was crude, a good guy but crude. Grady was never sure if the
guy talked about women's bodies so much because he wasn't having sex with
any or if he was just a horndog.Mark was a good looking guy. He was meatier then Grady due to a once
budding athletic career. But high school was long gone and his weekend
habits of beer, pizza and parties had changed him.Grady had thought about him at night when the darkness and covers hid his
fantasies. Mark and he wrestled from time to time but forbidden lolitas sex pics either he didn't
notice the boners he gave Grady or ignored them.If Grady had sex with any guy on campus it wouldn't be Mark he knew.
Besides everyone though he was a horndog because Mark was. His secret was
intact.The joint felt good. He rarely smoked one due to the odor filling the
entire dorm floor. But everyone was gone.Sitting on the window sill, he inhaled not caring if anyone saw a naked guy
smoking and sitting there.He heard the noises and looked down. There behind the dorm by the entrance
to the basement was someone. In fact there were two. He heard the sounds
and peered as close as he could.Grabbing the binoculars that Mark used to search the womens dorm across the
quadrangle Mark aimed towards the sounds.Some guy was on his hands and knees. His hips were being held by another
guy who was fucking him. Grady was fascinated and continued to watch the
gay sex scene.His cock had hardened immediately and he gripped it giving up the preteen girls lolitas models fingers
that had held his joint. They were hidden by the trees and the below ground
entrance.As they continued to fuck, Grady's breathing got heavier. He thought about
the rumors of places that horny male students could go for relief."Dude don't worry, it's dark and nobody cares. It's not about being queer,
it's just horny guys" Carlson had told him one night as they passed the
darkened gymnasium. There were silhouettes going into the first floor door.Maybe it was time. Grady had been there for three years. He'd graduate next
year. After that his he had no plans.His parents wanted him to move back home. He had thoughts of traveling in
Europe to learn more about the world. That was what he told his parents
while hoping he'd learn more about himself as well.Grady couldn't stop himself, the papers didn't matter at that point. He was
trying to match the undulating buttocks three floors below with his own
strokes. The words he heard were a mixture of curses and unintelligible
sounds.He exploded again and again. His cum spilled on his cupped hand and the
window sill as well as the floor. He'd clean it up.It was one of those very hard orgasms, the kind that left him still
breathing heavily as his body resumed normal blood flow and inhaling.Standing he stretched feeling the cramped back muscles. Grady had to
relight the joint and it filled his lungs.He pulled the binoculars to his eyes again and pre young teen loltas saw the two bodies below
pulling on their pants and shirt.Grady recognized Carlson. He didn't know his friend had stayed on campus.
He looked closer and recognized his roommate. He didn't know he had stayed
either let alone he illegal lolita video downloads
liked getting fucked by another male."Fascinating" Grady muttered in his best immitation of Star Trek's Spock.
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